About Al Yoser Trading

Our company, Al Yoser Trading, specializes in marketing raw materials and integrating sustainable development principles in its practices. We meet the demands of our customers through our industry experience, international network, and organizational infrastructure. As a result, we can transport raw materials from countries with resources abundantly available to your plants, wherever they are located.


Our Vision

At Al Yoser Trading, we are always looking for innovative, fair, and equitable ways to distribute the benefits of metal mining projects. Our goal is for host communities and governments in countries where deposits are located to benefit from our sustainable actions as we preserve or increase returns for investors. As part of our mission, we’re environmentally responsible with the methods we provide our customers with the metals they need for their industries. To continuously improve our services in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, we develop partnerships with stakeholders who share our fair and environmentally friendly vision, whether communities, governments, local suppliers, non-governmental organizations, industrialists, or leading-edge companies.

Our Mission

At Al Yoser Trading, our core business is the acquisition, sourcing, storage, and delivery of physical raw materials with an added commitment to corporate social responsibility. Our added value lies in managing raw materials business in a way that respects both resources and people while maintaining high-quality performance and service from resource extraction to delivery to customers. In addition, Al Yoser Trading facilitates strong and sustainable relationships between the various stakeholders in the supply chain, including producers, customers, and end-users. Whatever your raw material needs may be, we can deliver them to you anywhere in the world.